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Brackets for Bulletproof Ballistic Visor

Brackets for Bulletproof Ballistic Visor

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Helmet and visor not included, unless purchased as a helmet and visor set here.


      • Mounts to any helmets with the standard ARC rail system.
      • 4-way adjustable mounting to bring the shield closer to the face, farther away, and up and down.
      • The self-locking mechanism allows the visor to stay in place at three different locking points.  Straight ahead, halfway up, or straight up and centered over the head.
      • Adjusting levers on the sides allow for the visor to be moved away from the face or closer to the face.

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        At Atomic Defense, we're proud to be a leading source of reliable ballistic equipment like the NIJ IIIA Face Shield Bulletproof Helmet Visor for PASGT, MICH, FAST, ACH Ballistic Helmets. Order a ballistic face shield online today or get in touch to discuss product testing, helmet compatibility, wholesale options, and more. 

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