Blade Runner

Blade Runner Anti-Slash Short Sleeve T-Shirt With Cut Resistant Lining

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Blade Runner Anti-Slash Short Sleeve T-Shirt With Cut Resistant Lining

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This is a well designed black short sleeve anti-slash T-shirts that is completely unobtrusive, warm and comfortable to wear. Offering blade cut, tear and abrasion resistance up to Level 3 (EN388; 2003). Ideal for professionals such as undercover police or security officers who may be at risk of being exposed to some type of threat.

Bladerunner anti-slash covert T-shirts have been worn by security professionals for many years now and give them an extra layer of protection that gives them that extra bit of confidence when dealing with difficult situations. With the onset of increased knife attacks more customers than ever are choosing to up their personal security by wearing anti-cut T-shirts which can be worn as an outer garment in the Summer (And in hot climates) or as and an undershirt in the colder months.

See protective levels shown below:

Puncture resistance - method 6.4 Level 2
Tear resistance - method 6.3 Level 2
Blade cut resistance - method 6.2 Level 3



Please be aware that this product is anti-slash and cut resistant. It is not stab-proof.


Machine wash cold (30 degrees)
Do not bleach
Do not mix colors
Iron with low heat
Dry clean with any solvent except Trichloroethylene
Dry flat

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