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Blade Runner

Blade Runner Anti-Slash Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Cut Resistant Lining

Blade Runner Anti-Slash Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Cut Resistant Lining

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Blade Runner Anti-Slash Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Cut Resistant Lining

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The neat black long sleeve anti-slash T-shirt that looks smart for those wanting discreet blade cut, tear and abrasion resistance up to Level 3 (EN388; 2003). Ideal for the winter season as it is very warm and comfortable. Perfect for security professionals or those who want to keep a low-profile.

The white long sleeved T-shirt is ideal for a comfortable, plain casual style to keep you in trend. Cut resistant lining to protect against blade cut, tear and abrasion up to Level 3 (EN388; 2003).

The importance of Bladerunner slash protective clothing cannot be overstated. Sometimes it is just not practical to wear thicker full anti-stab protection for long periods of time, or when working under cover. Whilst Bladerunner clothing  is not (Unless otherwise stated) stab-proof it does still offer some measure of protection by being cut resistant (To the level stated).

Bladerunner anti-slash protection adds another layer of confidence to security professionals who never know what threats they may be confronted with. With the higher level of knife attacks both in the UK, and in Europe, and the increased publicity surrounding such attacks both security officers, and members of the public are looking to wear clothing that not only looks good but can also protect them from a knife slash attack.

Everyone is aware of the increased levels of knife attack both in the UK and, indeed, all over Europe. Customers are more aware now than ever that to wear something that not only looks good but also offers a measure of protection against a knife slash attack makes good sense.

See protection levels below to see what level of protection this T-shirt offer:

Puncture resistance - method 6.4 Level 2
Tear resistance - method 6.3 Level 2
Blade cut resistance - method 6.2 Level 3


Please be aware that this product is anti-slash and cut resistant. It is not stab-proof.


Machine wash cold (30 degrees)
Do not bleach
Do not mix colours
Iron with low heat
Dry clean with any solvent except Trichloroethylene
Dry flat

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