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Armor Importers of Texas

Armor Importers of Texas Level IIIA Soft Plates

Armor Importers of Texas Level IIIA Soft Plates

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Armor Importers of Texas Level IIIA Soft Plates

Estimated Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks!

Single-Curve Level 111A Soft Plate Armor made from UDPE composite material.Manufactured at Tongyizhong New Material Technology Corporation.

Product Features:

  • Coating: Water-resistant nylon cover 
  • Size: 12" x10" x1/4"– Single curve Soft Model # TYZ-BV-PE01-NIJIIIA Ultra-lightweight: Less than one pound 
  • Multi-hit capable

Product Specifications:

  • NIJ (National Institute of Justice) IIIA certified & tested ballistic material on 15 Aug 2020. Due to the US Government inactivating all Chinese, Venezuela, and Russian companies, the current status is inactive. 
  • .44 Magnum 240gr.SJHP (1430fps) 
  • .357 Sig 125gr. FMJFN (1470 fps) 
  • 9mm 124gr FMJ (1305 fps)

By purchasing Body Armor from Armor Importers of Texas LLC, I understand that Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states (but we cannot ship it to the state of Connecticut). And certify that you are law-abiding, of adult age, and have no felony convictions. It is against the law for a felon to possess Body Armor under both federal laws (unless required by your employer, Sec. 931). By buying Armor, you assume ALL risks of use or misuse and agree not to hold Armor Importers of Texas LLC liable in any way. In addition, the purchaser is responsible for the proper use and care.

Armor Importers of Texas LLC neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any liability in connection with the sale or use of the goods sold. There are no oral agreements or warranties collateral to or affecting this agreement. Armor Importers of Texas LLC hereby gives notice that any statement made by Armor Importers of Texas LLC in the sale of the goods shall not create any warranty that the goods shall be fit for any particular purpose. Statements, images, or descriptions are informational only and not made or given as a warranty of the goods in any way.

Armor Importers of Texas expressly disavows any other representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the goods. Armor Importers LLC of Texas will not be responsible for any consequential damages. Pursuant to the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act's provisions, this product is sold "AS IS" and "WITH ALL FAULTS." The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. Armor Importers of Texas LLC is not an insurer and bears no liability for any misuse or failure to perform.

This offers a five-year free replacement customer satisfaction warranty on the plate for material defects.


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