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AR500 Armor

AR500 Armor Tourniquet Holder

AR500 Armor Tourniquet Holder

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AR500 Armor Tourniquet Holder

*Manufacturer's lead time: 3-4 weeks

In an emergency, having the right medical training and equipment can be the difference between life and death. Tourniquets are a proven way to treat severe bleeding in an extremity, especially if conditions do not permit trying more the more traditional direct pressure first.

AR500 Armor carries a variety of tourniquets to choose from, but the best tourniquets and training will do you no good if you can’t quickly access your tourniquet when you need it.

That’s where AR500 Armor's Tourniquet Holder comes in.

Made of heavy duty Velcro and elastic webbing, the AR Tourniquet Holder is a convenient way to utilize Velcro connections on your plate carrier to affix a tourniquet without using up MOLLE real-estate for a pouch.

The body of the Tourniquet Holder consists of a 4” square of Velcro that attaches between two layers of Velcro, such as where the cummerbund flap closes onto the cummerbund, an admin or kangaroo pouch opening, or in the opening of the plate pocket.

The tourniquet itself is held by 4” wide heavy duty elastic that’s sewn to the Velcro base. Together they combine to create a versatile and secure method of carrying a tourniquet that you can deploy at a moment’s notice.


  • Safety: securely holds your tourniquet in place for when you need it
  • Versatile: mounts to cummerbund flap, kangaroo pocket opening, or almost anywhere two Velcro surfaces meet
  • Low profile: 2” wide elastic loop sewn to 4” x 4” Velcro
  • Peace of mind: easy to use and made of military-grade Velcro and elastic
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