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AR500 Armor

AR500 Armor Padded Side Plate Pouches (Pair)

AR500 Armor Padded Side Plate Pouches (Pair)

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AR500 Armor® Padded Multi Side Plate Pouches (Pair)

Manufacturer's Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

A real-life shooting isn’t always going to be a day at the range, where you face your target straight on. Armor systems acknowledge this by having a back plate and, based off AR500 Armor military’s experience in the Global War on Terror, side plates.

A two-way range is 360 degrees.

Riding around in vehicles leaves your sides exposed to IED or shots attacking the side of the vehicle. The Padded Multi Side Plate Pouch addresses this by allowing up to 6”x8” side plates to attach to MOLLE-compatible or Velcro®-based plate carrier cummerbunds.

Slender in profile, these side plate pouch also features meshed padding for comfort and increased ventilation. AR500's wrap-around design holds 6”x6” or 6”x8” steel, ceramic or polyethylene armor.

The side plate pouch works with most all existing and new cummerbund designs, and attaches to MOLLE-compatible and Velcro® cummerbunds. Comes with a pair of color matched MALICE CLIPS®.

Compatibility: Veritas, AR Invictus, AR Independence, Valkyrie


  • Peace of mind: holds most common side armor plates, increasing your protection level
  • Comfort: generous padding without extra bulk
  • Durable: genuine 500D Cordura nylon and MALICE CLIP for long-lasting durability
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