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Animal Capture Gloves

Animal Capture Gloves

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Animal Capture Gloves are designed to protect you in the field when capturing wild animals. These gloves are made from soft, thick leather and lined with fleece on the inside. They have a double layer of leather on the cuffs to protect your forearms, and a small gap between the layers for extra protection against teeth and claws.


  • Protects from hand to elbow
  • Double thickness for more protection
  • 100% French manufacturing
  • Soft thick leather hand lined with fleece
  • Cuff with double thickness of leather
  • reinforced with a fang damper
  • Total length: 65cm

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the typical applications of this product? 

Protects the hand and forearm when catching and animal handling. For pounds, shelters, firefighters, veterinarians, parks animals

Where are your tools made?

Hydram has been manufacturing hydraulic tools in France since the beginning and we have developed a range that meets all expectations in this area. We also select the best equipment that goes with the range of hydraulic tools to offer a global offer. Each material that is delivered has been previously tested in accordance with European standards.

Do you have certifications?

Hydram received the ISO 9001 certification label for its Saint-Bonnet de Mure assembly site as well as ISO 14001 certification. All Hydram suppliers are certified with a recognized quality label.

Storage Instructions and Maintenance:

Keep the products in the original packaging, ordinary temperature and humidity, in a covered room and airy. Surface clean with a damp cloth. Dry at room temperature. Remember to sort, value and recycle PPE at the end of its life.

Do you want to learn more?

Be sure to check out our blog post on the importance of Hydram Hydraulic tools here.

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