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Ace Link Armor Skeletac Single Stack Kangaroo Pouch

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Ace Link Armor Skeletac Single Stack Kangaroo Pouch

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The Skeletac Kangaroo Pouch is securely mounted onto the Skeletac Plate Carrier by use of two fastex-type buckles, and a Velcro backing panel. Once the Kangaroo Pouch is securely in place on the Skeletac Plate Carrier, the user can configure ammunition magazines according to the mission.  Both rifle or pistol magazines are set-up however the user needs them- simply by using the Skeletac Kangaroo Pouch magazine Inserts inside the Kangaroo Pouch- the user can configure magazines in a modular capacity.

The Skeletac Kangaroo Pouch is constructed of quality laminate and nylon, hand-crafted, with durable and strategically placed stitching to maximize strength and longevity.

Features and Specifications:
  • Single Stack Front Flap Kangaroo Pouch
  • Exchangeable Magazine Insert
  • Attach to buckles provided with the Skeletac carrier
  • Can be used as a micro chest rig after attaching chest rig suspenders
  • Comes without magazine inserts (sold separately)