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Ace Link Armor

Ace Link Armor Level III Rifle Plate

Ace Link Armor Level III Rifle Plate

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Ace Link Armor Level III Rifle Plate

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***IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of this product ALL SALES FINAL. No Return, No Exchange.

The Ace Link Armor Level III Rifle Plate is an Ultralight Ballistic Protection against .308 rifle round and is lightweight, versatile yet firm and durable. This Armor will stop various rifle rounds and weights only 3.50 lbs, that is 7 lbs for front and back protection.

This cutting edge technology transforms hundreds layers of PE fabric into a Masterpiece – 3.5 lb armor that stops high velocity rifle rounds. Unique construction allows for neutral buoyancy. Ace Link Armor PE Level 3 plate will float when submerged under the water. It won’t let you sink. 

Ace Link Armor Level III Rifle Hard Armor Plate is entirely made of highest grade UHMW Polyethylene fabric that is pressed into solid construction capable of stopping multiple rifle rounds. Extremely durable polyurea coating ensure ballistic material is protected from UV light and moisture even in the most harsh conditions

Polyurethane coating helps to keep the integrity of the plate and protects it effectively from environmental factors.

Features and Specifications:
  • Ultralight PE Hard Armor Plate
  • Only 3.5 lbs Plate Defeating Rifle Threats Up To .308
  • Plate thickness 0.90″
  • Tested at NTS Chesapeake Laboratory
  • Comes with 5 years full warranty
  • This armor not only stops the bullet, it does it in style. Choose from 2 sizes (10×12″ or 11×14″) and 2 colors available (Black or Tan)
  • Level 3 Hard Armor Plate from Ace Link Armor is capable of stopping multiple rifle rounds as per NIJ.06 level III - up to powerful 7.62x51 M80
  • .223 cal
  • 7.62×51 M80

Ballistic Testing Report from NTS accredited laboratory is attached to each shipment so you can rest assured plates will perform as designed when you need it. 

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