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3M Peltor TEP-200 | Ear Protection and Bluetooth Capability w/ 3M Skull Screws

3M Peltor TEP-200 | Ear Protection and Bluetooth Capability w/ 3M Skull Screws

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Prevent Hearing Damage with 3M Peltor TEP-200

• Get superior hearing protection with 3M PELTOR Tactical Earplugs; the best ear protection for shooting

• Keep your conversations private with two-way communication compatibility with the TEP 200 Neckloop and its built-in microphone.

• Guarantee your safety and security with a Noise Reduction Rating(NRR) of 23dB.

• Enjoy a wide range of features for optimal sound monitoring including level-dependent environmental microphones, 4 volume levels, and Bluetooth functionality

Convenience and portability with the carrying and charging case for easy on-the-go shooting ear protection as well as any other high noise level situation. 

Features and Specifications of the Peltor Tactical Earplugs (TEP-200s)

  • When in a situation with extreme decibel levels, the TEP-200s are the perfect auditory protectors! Noise reduction of up to 27 dB or even 30 dB is possible when using the Skull Screw Ear Tips (available for purchase). This level of attenuation will protect your ears from dangerous noises like that inside a helicopter (110 dB) and gunshot blasts (140 dB). This means that the TEP-200 takes the 140 dB gunshot and attenuates or reduces it to 113 dB, preventing it from breaking the human pain threshold (130 dB).
Common Decibels Levels listed with the Pain Threshold for humans
  • Peltor Ear Protection works against loud noises without losing the ability to hear things going on in your surrounding environment.
  • This device from 3M's line of Peltor in-ear hearing protection offers three levels of replaceable ear cups. With small, medium, and large options, you are ensured your desired level of comfort and ear protection.
  • Environmental Microphones -  Experience your surroundings but still protect your ears with this unparalleled technology. Stay aware and alert with four different volume settings to hear everything happening around you while staying safe.
  • One-Button Operation for easy access to the various features: On, Off, and 4 different volume settings.
  • 3M earbuds receive audio signals wirelessly from the neck loop accessory (3m Peltor TEP-200 Neckloop sold separately) offering great Bluetooth ear protection. This feature allows for listening to music while protecting your ears.
  • 3M Hearing protection can be worn with several types of 3M Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as helmets, ComTacs, and face shields.
  • 3M Electronic Ear Plugs' charging case is rechargeable with a USB port. Three AA batteries can also be used for on-the-go charging and storage of the Earplugs.
  • Lithium-ion Battery- offering 16 hours of battery life, allowing the use of these hearing protectors for long periods.
  • Skull Screws 3M - This addition to the Peltor TEP-200s add a 30% increase in hearing protection over the base model. Skull Screws Ear Plugs provide a 30 dB NRR as apposed to the base model having at least 23 db attenuation.
Law Enforcement Officer using the TEP-200s to stay alert and protect his ear

TEP-200 Characteristics

Brand Name: 3M

Color: Black

Height: 2.25 inches

Length: 6.75 inches

Width: 4.375 inches

Included Components: Earplug

Item Weight: 10.6 ounces

Material: Foam

Noise Attenuation: 23.0 decibels

Size: One Size Fits Most

Special Features: Microphone, Wireless

Style: Portable

Hearing Protection for when it's noisy TEP-200s by Peltor

Tactical Ear Plugs and 3M Skull Screws FAQ

Who are the 3M Peltor Ear Plugs meant for?

Peltor hearing protection is useful in a variety of environments. They are one of the best ear protectors for shooting indoor ranges and at other shooting ranges. They are useful in occupational environments where it is necessary to hear coworkers and protect your ears from hearing loss.

Will the TEP-200s fit my ears?

Included in the purchase are three different-sized ear tips, so with a small, medium, and large option, every ear size will be covered ensuring a proper fit for all.

Small Medium and Large Eartips for the TEP-200s

How do these electronic earplugs work for continuous noise, i.e. lawnmower, tractor, splitter, woodworking, industrial?

This Electronic Ear Protection is some of the best shooting ear protection. It can also provide effective hearing protection against hazardous continuous noises as certified by the NRR of 23dB. This Noise Reduction Rating has been tested and proven to reduce the noise levels of these machines.

If the batteries no longer hold a charge can you replace them?

The charging case can run off on AA batteries which are easily replaced. The case also can be charged with a USB cable. With that said the internal batteries within the individual Tactical Ear Plugs cannot be replaced. Individual replacement earplugs are available for purchase if they stop charging, however.

The Peltor TEP-200 vs. the Peltor TEP 100 and 3M Peltor EEP-100 vs. TEP-100?

3M has introduced its cutting-edge 3M Peltor earplugs, a superior upgrade to their previous model of electronic hearing protection. This pair of earplugs shields your ears while simultaneously allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings in loud conditions.

The newer model offers more noise volumes to effectively operate in a number of environments. This updated version also offers Bluetooth compatibility when used in conjunction with the 3M Peltor Neckloop TEP-Loop-200. This allows for the use of two-way radio or connecting to a phone to listen to music with these noise-canceling electronic earbuds.

TEP-Neckloop-200 meant for wireless Bluetooth communication and listening to music

Why should I choose the TEP-200s over ComTacs or any other Over-Hear Hearing Protectors?

The TEP-200s offer up to 27 dB (or 30 dB with the Skull Screw ear tips) of attenuation meaning that they will reduce a high decibel noise by that amount. The cabin of a helicopter can reach noise levels of 110 dB and the typical gunshot is 140 dB. The hearing threshold of pain is 130 dB, meaning that the TEP-200s will easily protect against these levels while offering a $200 discount in price tag when compared to the ComTac VI.

The TEP-200s are also in-ear protection as opposed to over-ear protection which helps with sweating and sweat damage in hot and humid environments. Another common complaint of many Over-Ear Protectors is that they often get in the way of shouldering firearms. The stock of many shotguns and rifles will either uncomfortably fit to your shoulder or dislodge the hearing protection making it less effective. The TEP-200s completely alleviate this problem. These advantages make the TEP-200 highly preferential over other padded headbands and other Bluetooth earmuffs. 

Because the TEPs are in-ear and can be worn with helmets as well as over-ear protection, the TEP-200s and ComTacs could be worn together to provide extra protection in extreme environments with continuous high decibel levels.

Military using the Tactical Earplugs by 3M

Are the 3M Peltor Earbuds Rechargeable?

The 3M PELTOR TEP-200 earplugs are rechargeable. They can last up to 16 hours without being recharged. The device also has a charging case that can be powered by AA batteries and charged using a USB cable. Users can charge their devices up to five times before needing to replace the batteries or plug into the charger.

Are the 3M Peltor TEP 200 waterproof?

The TEP-200 Earplugs are IP67 compliant meaning they have been tested and proven to be waterproof, and dust and humidity resistant. The advanced engineering design ensures a tight seal around the ear to prevent moisture from entering while providing maximum comfort. The case also has a rubber seal making it water and dust resistant.

Should I add the 3M Skull Screws to my purchase?

The Skull Screw Ear Plugs have additional noise reduction to keep your hearing even safer in extreme environment or in situations where there is continuous high level noises. This would apply to everything from construction yards to lawn mowing and everything in between.

Skull Screw Eartips which add additional hearing protection on top of the already secure TEP-200s
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