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3M Peltor SCU-300 | Individual Unit

3M Peltor SCU-300 | Individual Unit

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It's recommended to buy the bundle with the RCU unit here.

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3M Peltor SCU-300 | The Central component of the Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS)

  • The 3M Peltor SCU-300 is a high-quality system that combines tactical communication with hearing protection, ideal for intense situations.
  • It employs Near Field Magnetic Induction to connect with ComTac VII headsets and TEP-300 wireless earplugs wirelessly, ensuring seamless integration.
  • This system can combine many radios, dual net radios, smart devices, and intercom systems to meet all your communication needs.
  • It features a guiding feature to set up single-channel or multi-channel radio operations easily.
  • The SCU-300 system can connect with ICS (only on the Coyote Tan model) or a Bluetooth smartphone, improving its connectivity (only on the Gray model).
  • It has three sound profiles - Mix, Single, and Surround - to help separate incoming transmissions for better auditory awareness. 

SCU-300 Review

Peltor SCU-300 Features

  • Wireless Connectivity: Besides a standard wired connection, the SCU-300 offers a cable-free experience, providing more flexibility and convenience.
  • Super PTT Functionality: This System Control Unit acts as a super Push-To-Talk (PTT) device, simplifying communication across devices.
  • Smart Device Compatibility: The SCU-300 isn't just for radios. It can also connect to smart devices, broadening its range of use.
  • Configurable Comms: It allows for single, dual, and multi comms configurations, ensuring they can adapt to various situations.
  • Bluetooth Cellphone Connection: The grey version of the SCU-300 can connect to cellphones via Bluetooth, offering another connectivity layer.
  • Customizable Audio Management: Users can customize their audio management to optimize how they receive and transmit information.
  • Communication range: The SCU-300 can connect wirelessly to many users, allowing up to 6 two-way streams. This improves team communication a lot.
  • Interference Negation: The unit effectively negates interference, ensuring clear and reliable communication.
  • Immersive compatibility: The SCU-300 connects and controls the 3M PELTOR Tactical Modular Audio Systems, making it an important part of the communication solution.

3M Peltor SCU-300 Wireless

What's in the box of the SCU-300 Peltor?

  • System Control Unit SCU-300, which is the core of the 3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS).
  •  Cable for connecting devices like Harris/Thales/Tri- PRC, Falcon Series, and MBITR Series, with a 6 Pin U229/U329 Connector.
  • Dust Cap for the connector to protect it from dust and debris when not in use.

SCU-300 Specifications

  • The SCU-300 is the core of the 3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical Modular Audio System (TMAS)
  • Ability to handle multiple radios
  • Compatible with dual net radios and smart devices
  • You can integrate it with intercom systems.
  • Functions as a super Push-To-Talk (PTT) device
  • Connects and controls the individual components of the 3M™ PELTOR™ TMAS
  • Part of a new wireless tactical modular audio system which includes the 3M Peltor ComTac VII and the 3M Peltor Tactical Earplug TEP-300
  • Available in different color options, including Coyote Brown
  • It can be used with the Peltor ComTac VII headset and TEP-300 wireless earplugs.

Peltor SCU-300 FAQs

What is the purpose of the super Push-To-Talk (PTT) function on the SCU-300?

The super PTT function allows clear communication in noisy environments, improving situational awareness.

Can I use the SCU-300 with headsets other than those from 3M Peltor?

The SCU-300 optimally works with the ComTac VII wireless headset and TEP-300 wireless earplugs. For compatibility with other headsets, please refer to the product manual or contact 3M customer service.

Can the 3M Peltor SCU-300 handle multiple radios at once?

Yes, the 3M Peltor SCU-300 is designed to manage multiple radios simultaneously.

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