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3M Peltor ComTac III Tactical Advanced Combat Headset

3M Peltor ComTac III Tactical Advanced Combat Headset

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Radio Comm Lead

This model has been discontinued. (Purchasing this model will now purchase the product linked in the ComTac V: Which can be purchased by clicking here. 

Why you need the Peltor ComTac III Headset:

  • Experience clear two-way communication and a level-dependent surround sound feature for enhanced situational awareness
  • Stay safe from harsh environmental conditions with military-grade construction standards
  • U94 downleads match up to your existing or future PTT adapters.
  • This headset is designed with a lightweight construction, which reduces strain on your neck and helps reduce any pressure points that may cause discomfort. Additionally, the ear cups can be adjusted so that they fit snugly against your head for maximum comfort.

Overview of the 3M Peltor ComTac III ACH:

The Peltor ComTac III Advanced Communication Headset is the third generation of tactical headsets from the ComTac series. This model features a new ear cup profile that offers a better fit for use with Advanced Combat Helmets (ACHs) or MICH helmets which are commonly used by military and law enforcement.

It also provides clear two-way communication and split audio, as well as a stereo "talk through" feature that helps maintain awareness while simultaneously providing superior hearing protection. The noise-canceling boom microphone is ambidextrous so it can be mounted on either side of the headset. The Peltor ComTac III ACH also requires a Push-to-Talk (PTT) adaptor in order to operate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Clear two-way tactical communications
  • Ambidextrous noise-canceling boom microphone
  • Stereo “talk through” feature
  • Level-dependent surround sound
  • Lightweight construction
  • Soft padded ear cushions
  • Up to 500 hours of run time on 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Military-grade standards that meet MIL-STD 810F & 461E environmental and EMI standards
  • 3 ft. submersible for up to 30 minutes (salt water survivable)

Technical Specifications:

  • NRR 21 dB (headband model)
  • Weight: 6.2 oz with batteries
  • Runs on 2 – AAA batteries (500+ hours)
  • Meets Environmental Standard MIL-STD-810F
  • Meets EMI Standard MIL-STD-461E
  • Single COMM headset with split audio
  • Ambidextrous boom microphone
  • Stereo "talk through" feature
  • Level-dependent surround sound
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) adaptor required for use (not included)

How to use the 3M Peltor ComTac III ACH Headset:

An upgrade from the Peltor ComTac 2 Headset, this headset is simple and straightforward. First, be sure to install the two AAA batteries included with your headset before use. Next, attach the Push-to-Talk (PTT) adaptor to the headset (not included). After that, adjust the headband so it fits snugly but comfortably on your head, and adjust the ear cup for optimal fit.

Finally, you can begin using your headset for two-way audio communications via radios, stereo listening, or talk-thru mode. To switch between these different modes simply press either of the volume buttons located at each ear cup of the headset. Additionally, a Level Dependent Surround Sound feature allows for enhanced situational awareness without compromising hearing protection.

What's Included in the Box?

  • Peltor ComTac III Headset
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • User Manual

How to Care for your 3M ComTacs:

The Peltor ComTac III ACH Headset requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimum performance. To clean the headset, use a mild soap and warm water solution and wipe down all external surfaces. Additionally, inspect the microphone boom for any signs of wear or damage on a regular basis.

If necessary, replace worn parts like ear seals or microphones with genuine Peltor parts to maintain peak performance. Finally, store the headset in its original box when not in use to protect it from dirt and dust build-up. Following these simple steps will help you enjoy your Peltor ComTac III ACH Headset for years to come.

Shopping for Peltor ComTac III's by 3M

The Peltor ComTac III ACH Headset is an ideal choice for anyone looking for clear two-way communication, superior hearing protection, and enhanced situational awareness. With its lightweight construction, soft padded ear cushions, and up to 500 hours of run time on 2 AAA batteries (included), this headset offers unbeatable comfort and convenience.

On top of that, it meets military-grade standards making it salt water survivable up to 3 feet deep! For those who need a tactical headset that they can rely on in any environment or situation, the Tac 3 is a perfect choice. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your headset for years to come. Order yours today!

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